Types of counselling:

Face to Face

Therapies Offered:

Person Centred
CBT – Cognitive Behavioural therapy
Play Therapy
Solution Focussed

Client Range:

Young People
Older Adults
Employee Assistance Programme

Gillick Competency:

A small child under the age of 11 would be regarded as too young to make informed decisions so the decision would be up to the parents.

From 11-13 – the child is old enough to understand but not to give consent for something more serious, so again the parents would make the final decision.

13-16 years old is a bit of a grey area. Some children will know exactly what is going on, what they need and what they want. Others may not be quite so sure about what exactly they are agreeing to.

16-18 years old, a young person is old enough to make their own informed decisions about what they want to happen.

“As a general principle it is legal and acceptable for a young person to ask for confidential counselling without parental consent providing they are of sufficient understanding and intelligence.